Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pastor John Corbly

John Corbally immigrated to America in 1747 as the Baptist religion was introduced in opposition to the King’s Anglicanism. He became a lay minister, but persecution drove him to the Pennsylvania frontier. Ordained, he ministered until his death, established many Baptist churches, and was known as "The ablest Baptist minister of his time in the Pennsylvania frontier.” This is not a retelling of previously printed material; it represents over thirty years of meticulous research. Previously unknown information is disclosed here including: the bogus picture of him, his birthplace, his true first wife, exact locations where he lived in Virginia and Pennsylvania, his long-lost treatise on The Believer’s Defense of Baptism, his involvement in the Ketoctin and Redstone Baptist Associations, his involvement in the Whiskey Insurrection from the government’s point of view, the Corbly Massacre as described in his and his daughter’s letters, and many other previously unknown facts. A detailed index is provided. Get your copy now!

*Baptized in 1761 and imprisoned for preaching the Baptist religion in Virginia in 1768.
*Revolutionary War soldier, Chaplain, Militiaman, Judge, Patriot, and Indian fighter.
*Delegate to the General Assembly in Williamsburg, Virginia, in 1777-1778.
*Founder or co-founder of 30 Baptist churches in southwestern Pennsylvania.
*and much more!!
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